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Pasteli - Honey Sesame Bar with Aegina Pistachios 'Helmos' - 75g

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  • Pasteli - Honey Sesame Bar with Aegina Pistachios

    without added sugar
    contains natural sugar
    without preservatives

    Pasteli - Honey Sesame Bar with Aegina Pistachios is a nutrient-rich sweet which is produced with selected sesame seeds of high nutritional value, selected Aegina pistachio and honey produced by Soukas family.
    Greek Aegina pistachios are rich in good beneficial fatty acids, fiber vitamins (especially of complex B), minerals and beneficial antioxidants.
    Greek honey is the best source of energy and wellness.
    Pasteli - Honey Sesame Bar with Aegina Pistachios is the perfect snack for children and adults!

    Ingredients: Greek honey 51%, sesame 43.9%, Greek pistachios 5%, cinnamon, citrus fibers. 

    May contain traces of nuts and peanuts
    Pasteli - Sesam Honig Riegel mit Ägina Pistazien 'Helmos' - 75g

    Nutrition Facts

    Per 100gr


    430 kcal/1.799 KJ 



    of which saturated




    of which sugars






    Salt 0.01g
    Potassium 228mg
    Calcium 429mg (54% RDA)
    Phosphorus  273mg (39% RDA)
    Magnesium 152mg (41% RDA)
    Iron 7mg (48% RDA)

  • Kalavryta, Achaia, Greece

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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