Return Policy

Returns - Article 10 (Terms & Conditions)

We strongly advise you to check the products upon receipt.

In case that you receive wrong or defected products, please contact our Customer Care immediately via e-mail at info@byagora.com.

You can find the detailed the Return Policy, in article 8.  All our online store customers are able to recall any transaction within 14 days from the reception of their order either by sending a return form, within the above deadline, or by sending a return statement together with the product, provided that both the product and the statement will be received by the Company within 14 days from the receipt of the product. However, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the Product to us

Please note that the criteria for determining the products which cannot be returned are specified by the law, such as the fragile nature of a product, how easily it can be altered or its short expiration date, and have been determined per the usual practice and based on the statements and related conservation and maintenance instructions of the producers, as these are indicated on the product labels.

Otherwise, returns must take place within 14 days of your return statement by email. It is your own responsibility and with your own expenses. The returning products must be preserved in the proper storage conditions and in the same condition in which there were received. There must be unused, it must unopened, whole, in their original packaging with all the documents that follow the products, together with the receipt or invoice  along with the Return Statement (even if you have already sent it to us by email). The form must be filled in with all the necessary required information, printed out and signed by you and included in the return parcel.  In case of a return the respective “Tastes” will be deducted. Charges may apply for the payment providers you may be of the specific third party provider, for which our company bears no responsibility. If these conditions are not met or if any of the above-mentioned documents accompanying the product are missing, your request for Return cannot be satisfied and the product will be returned to you with your own expenses.


Delivery/shipping of products -  Article 5.3 (Terms & Conditions)

In case you exercise the right of rescission under article 10, please contact our Customer Care. The consumer will bear the return cost and the responsibility of transporting the order from the delivery address to our premises. In case of return of defective products, returns must always take place after communicating with us, undertaking the responsibility and the transportation cost for the return of the products to the carrier.


Defected or Wrong Orders  - Article 8 (Terms & Conditions)

If you receive the wrong order/ damaged product or in case of any other problem from our own responsibility, please contact our Customer Care immediately via e-mail at info@byagora.com.

In order to carry out a damage assessment, it is necessary that the damaged consignment, including all contents as well as the inner and outer packaging, should be presented to us via photos. The damaged/returning products will be picked-up at the delivery address you have stated us upon placing your order and sent to our Distribution Centre. All the returning products must be preserved in the proper storage conditions and must be in the exact same condition in which they were received. Products must be unopened, unused, complete in their original packaging with all the documents that followed the products together with the receipt or invoice. If one of the above-mentioned documents is missing, your request cannot be fulfilled and the product will not be collected by us. We will process your return request within a reasonable period. In case of a return the respective “Tastes” will be deducted.

For international Shipments

In case of international shipments, the recipient must contact his/her national postal company for the inspection process, as there may be different options available (e.g., inspection in the retail outlet or via photograph documentation).

The DHL requires a damage document from national postal company in order to be able to process the damage.

Following the inspection, the national postal company will give the inspection document to the recipient.

Then, the recipient must send the document to byAgora.

Order change/cancellation  - Article 7  (Terms & Conditions)

Changing or cancelling an order can only be done before the confirmation that the order has been dispatched.  After the order confirmation and even if the order has not been dispatched, the delivery address cannot be changed for security reasons.

You can exercise the right of Return as set out in article 10 below or follow the product return procedure as set out in article 8. In case of any problem please contact “Customer Care”. In case you require the return of part of the amount or the total amount paid to our Company upon the cancellation or change of your order as set out above, you will get the refund of the relevant amount through the third-party payment provider, Credit Card, or PayPal.  . Charges may apply for the payment providers you might have used such as specific third-party providers, for which our company bears no responsibility.


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