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'Dyo Dyo' Handmade Candies with Chios-Mastic - 125g

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UNIQUE TASTE AND TEXTURE: these handmade gourmet caramels are crafted to mimic the volcanic pebbles found on the Greek beaches of Mavra Volia and Agia Dynami

TASTY AND HEALTHY: These flavorful, yet sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free sweets are made with Isomalt, a sugar substitute which is a sugar cane derivative. Isomalt has minimal impact on blood sugar levels so this product is ideal for those of you keeping an eye on your sugar intake

SPECIAL NATURAL INGREDIENT: This hard candy contains mastic gum, a natural resin known to ease stomach ailments such as ulcers. It has also been shown to improve blood circulation.

HEALTH CONSCIOUS OPTION: This is a guilt-free hardy candy indulgence for the health-conscious. With more people increasingly concerned about the foods they consume, these hard candies allow you to relax your rigid rules for a bit, even while staying true to your high health standards.

IDEAL GIFT ITEM: These hard candies and their beautiful packaging are a one-of-a-kind gift item for family, friends or corporate clients and partners.

Award: Superior Taste Award 2015, 2 gold stars.

Description: candy, sugar free, gluten-free, fat-free.

Composition: Isomalt, water, mastic oil, pigments: vegetable carbon (E153), bright blue FCF (E133), citric acid, vitamin C

'Dyo Dyo' Handgemachte Süßigkeiten mit Chios-Mastic - Süßigkeiten - Candies


Pro 100gr


243 kcal


0.1 g

Of which unsaturated

0.1 g


96.3 g

Of which sugar

0.1 g


0.2 g


0.00 g


Not recommended for children under 5 years old.

Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

Store dry and cool.

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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